Sometimes, a smaller barn is all you need. They’re strong, simple, and cost-effective. However, for larger applications, a larger agricultural building is needed.
Many folks in California and Oregon wrongly assume that light-gauge steel buildings only work well for smaller carports, garages, and barns. But the truth is that agricultural metal buildings can be designed to meet almost any larger farming, commercial, or industrial need.
If you need a reliable agricultural building solution, Pacific Metal Buildings is ready to deliver. Our steel farm building kits are strong, rugged, completely customizable, and can be constructed to meet your specific wishes. Keep reading to learn more!

Popular Metal Farm Buildings in California and Oregon

Popular Metal Farm Building Applications

Californians and Oregonians need agricultural buildings engineered for ruggedness, resilience, and constant usage. Thankfully, Pacific Metal Buildings crafts commercial metal structures engineered to withstand the climate and meet all your needs. Our steel structures are generally more affordable than comparable buildings, too. No matter the job that needs to be completed, we’ve got you covered in CA and OR!

1. Horse Barn

Need a horse barn? We’ve got you. If you’re looking for stable space, feed space, tack & grooming space, or some other specialty equine housing need, we can provide the ideal agricultural metal building.

2. General Storage Barn

Need protected dry storage for grain, feed, seed, or crops? We’ve got steel farm buildings for sale that will meet those needs.

3. Tractor & Equipment Storage

We all know that metal buildings are popular for residential carports and garage applications. However, metal agricultural buildings also do a great job of protecting tractors, combines, attachments, and other types of farm equipment.

4. Barn with Lean-to

Do you need a combination of enclosed storage and open-air covered space? If utility storage space is important to you, we’ve got a combo barn with a lean-to building waiting for you.

5. Custom Metal Barn

Want to design your metal building solution? We can help you with that at Pacific Metal Buildings, too. Just take advantage of our exclusive 3D Design Tool!

Create Your Own Perfect Agricultural Metal Building

Looking to create your own agricultural building, barn, workshop, warehouse, or custom storage facility? At Pacific Metal Buildings, you can customize all aspects of your commercial farm building, including size dimensions, paneling colors, doors, windows, frame-outs, and more. With our 3D Design Tool, you have the power at your fingertips. This powerful web-based tool is intuitive, easy to use, and equally accessible by computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Why partner with Pacific Metal Buildings to provide your agricultural metal building or other custom steel structure in California or Oregon? We’re a multigenerational, family-owned business headquartered right here in Maxwell, CA, and we understand the needs of property owners in CA and OR.
Since 2009, we’ve delivered and installed quality metal buildings for individuals and businesses across California and Oregon, and we’d be honored to serve your needs, too.
We work hard to make everything as clear and simple for our customers as possible, and stick with you from concept to installation and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with complete customer satisfaction that endures. Ready to get started? Connect with us online or call 530-438-2777 today!

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What does ordering a metal building look like? If you find yourself asking that question, you're not alone. But we're here to help! To make your journey easier, we'll walk you through the entire process from the moment you call to the day your structure is completed:

We Design Your Ideal Building
We Design Your Ideal Building
We Take Your Down Payment
We Take Your Down Payment
We Provide You with Blueprints
We Provide You with Blueprints
We Handle Manufacturing
We Handle Manufacturing
We Deliver and Install
We Deliver and Install

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Pacific Metal Buildings is proud to provide structural solutions for any way of life, from agricultural operations to backyard workshops and beyond. Our products are designed to take on any project, and stand firm against the elements for decades to come.

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