Country Style Barns

A country-style barn is a structure featuring a main building with one or two attached lean-tos on each side. It offers the best of closed security and open storage space and is a great way to add extra storage space to your home or farm.

Pacific Metal Buildings is a premier provider of country-style barns of all shapes and sizes. Our structures are built with high-quality components and designed to serve you well for any residential, agricultural, or commercial application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Country Style Barns

Buying a metal building is a big step that requires ample planning, preparation, and knowledge to achieve the desired results. To help you cover everything, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions on country-style metal barns:

1. What makes the Country Barn unique?
The Country Barn combines traditional aesthetics with modern construction techniques, providing a rustic yet durable structure.

2. Can you rent to own a Country Barn?
Yes! We offer several rent-to-own options for Country Barns so that you can enjoy the benefits of a country-style barn with minimal upfront costs.

3. Is it cheaper to buy or build a Country Barn?
It is usually cheaper to buy a pre-built Country Barn, as building one can incur additional costs for materials and labor.

Country-style metal barns
Country-style metal buildings
Country-style metal buildings
Country-style metal barns
Country-style barns