Who We Are


As a multi generation, family owned business we take personal pride in each building structure that bears our name. Over time, our firm ethic has brought us to be the dominant presence in the CA and OR regions, that we are fortunate to enjoy - and endeavour daily, to build upon.


As an established leader in the industry, Pacific Metal Buildings Inc. has garnered a wealth of knowledge and expertise that only first-hand experience can yield - and thus remains incomparable. We utilize this advantage and strength to provide both, companies and individuals, with quality and innovative products that can truly be relied upon.

The Road Ahead

To ensure that we remain a leader in the industry, we use leading edge technologies and continue to leverage new technologies along with our multi-decade expertise, toward continually bringing unprecedented innovation in our industry.

Your Win

Rest assured that no matter what you need, in the space of metal structures - you can rely on us with confidence to provide the absolute best; with impeccable service!

Factory Floor with Two Workers