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A Multigenerational, Family Owned Business

Pacific Metal Buildings Inc is a family owned business that was founded in 2009, in a small town located about an hour north of Sacramento called Maxwell, California. The company started off with only a handful of employees installing and delivering only in local communities. We are proud to say we have grown into a company now selling, installing and delivering throughout California and Oregon, with a goal of being able to service other states.

Pacific Metal Buildings Inc provides a large selection of metal buildings and manufactures them, including garages, barns, custom buildings for residential and commercial use. We strive to make everything clear and simple for our customers, starting from design, fabrication and construction. It is our pleasure to attend to each and every detail of your purchase in order to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Mission

As a multi generation, family owned business we take personal pride in each building structure that bears our name. Over time, our firm ethic has brought us to be the dominant presence in the CA and OR regions, that we are fortunate to enjoy - and endeavor daily, to build upon.


Meet The Team

Alicia Castillo

Office/HR Manager

Stephanie Castillo

Finance Manager

Fernando Castillo

Material Acquisitions

Mayra Licea

Engineering Director

Norma Franco


Jazmin Cuellar


Luz Ocampo


Anel Licea


Yuliana Hinojosa


Mariela Santos


Alejandra Lopez


Erandy Garcia


Jessica Fouse

Pacific Metal Buildings, Inc.