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If you need an outdoor structure in California or Oregon and are looking for custom-built buildings, you’ve come to the right place. Custom steel structures are really the best way to go in terms of the strength and durability they off, and those just happen to be our specialty at Pacific Metal Buildings. When we say our custom metal buildings are custom-built structures, that’s exactly what we mean.

The steel building components we use don’t just come off a shelf in some random warehouse. We manufacture each and every component of our custom buildings ourselves, right here in our own California facility. Everything about your structure is built-to-order, so you can get exactly what you need in a metal carport, metal garage, metal barn, commercial building, or whatever type of custom metal building you may require.

Popular Custom Metal Building Roof Styles at Pacific

Just as there are countless size and application possibilities with a custom metal building from Pacific Metal Buildings, there are also a number of different roof styles available. Here are the three most popular:

Classic Roof Style

The Classic Style roof has been around for years, and is still a popular choice for metal buildings. For starters, the Classic roof is our most affordable option. It features rounded corners, and comes standard with horizontal metal paneling. The Classic roof also includes a 6" roof overhang on either end. This roof style works well for smaller metal carports, garages, RV covers, and outdoor storage sheds. Note that the Classic roof isn’t recommended for areas with significant snow loads, or for structures over 30 feet.

Boxed Eave Roof Style

A Boxed Eave roof is mounted to a sturdy A-frame, and also comes standard with horizontal roof paneling. Unlike the rounded nature of a Classic roof, the angles of the Boxed Eave roof are square. A Boxed Eave roof also includes six-inch overhangs on all sides of the building, rather than just the ends. People also like that a Boxed Eave roof more closely resembles the look of a home roof. Boxed Eave roofs aren’t recommended for areas with heavy snow loads, and carry no roof leak warranty on units longer than 30 feet.

Vertical Roof Style

The Vertical Style roof is our premium offering, and features our strongest roof design. It’s built on an A-frame, but comes with more framing and reinforcements, and is covered with vertically-oriented metal paneling. The vertical orientation of the paneling facilitates easier shedding of both precipitation and debris. Like the Boxed Eave roof, a Vertical roof also comes with a 6" overhang on all sides. For areas with significant wind and snow loads, the Vertical roof is absolutely the best choice.

Use Our 3D Design Tool to Create Your Own Perfect Custom Metal Building

What type of metal building, carport, garage, workshop, warehouse, commercial building, farm building, or barndominium are you looking for? At Pacific Metal Buildings, building customization comes standard. You choose your preferred building size dimensions, roof style, and colors for the roofing, paneling, & trim, along with whatever doors, windows, or frame-outs you like. Want to try your hand at designing your own perfect custom metal building? We enable you to do just that with our 3D Design Tool. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and fully accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone browser.

Start with building dimensions. How big does it need to be? You select your preferred width, length, and height. You can opt for a standard 14-gauge tubing for smaller building frames, but for larger commercial applications we recommend choosing our sturdier 12-gauge steel tubing. Either way, each detail of your building is really up to you. We offer 19 different color options for the paneling and trim. Want to go with a distinctive, two-tone wainscot look for the sides? You can. We also offer roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, and frame-outs that you can place wherever you like on your building. Want to add a vapor barrier or some insulation? No problem. And there are many other ways to customize your metal building, too!

What About Custom Metal Building Kits?

Interested in a custom metal building kit you can purchase and install yourself for a discount? Pacific Metal Buildings provides those, as well. Our metal building kits are manufactured to the same standards as any steel structure we’d normally install for you. The difference is that by choosing to pick up your building materials and installing it yourself, you’ll enjoy additional savings on your building purchase price. Each metal building kit we provide comes with all needed prefabricated, premeasured, and precut building materials, including framing, paneling, hardware, and necessary foundation anchors.



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Why choose Pacific Metal Buildings for your custom metal building and steel structure needs in California and Oregon? We’re a multigenerational, family-owned business headquartered right here in Maxwell, CA. We’ve been in the business of providing quality metal structures for homeowners and business owners across our region since 2009, and we’d love to serve your needs, too! We manufacture, deliver, and install custom buildings throughout CA and OR, and we plan to add other states to our service area soon.

We work hard to make the whole process as clear and simple as possible for our customers, and we facilitate everything from building design, to purchase, to materials fabrication, to final delivery and installation. Our team pays attention to even the small details, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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