What are metal RV covers? In essence, they’re specially designed RV carports. And metal RV carports in particular are engineered to offer the most reliable protection for high-profile vehicles like RVs, motorhomes, campers, boats, and buses from sun, rain, snow, hail, and other weather threats.
Looking for the best building solution for covering your RV? Pacific Metal Buildings is here to provide for all of your custom metal building needs in CA and OR. Our steel structures are built to last, and you’ll appreciate the quality, functionality, and resilience of our metal building solutions.

Popular RV Covers in California and Oregon

Why Steel Motorhome Covers Make the Most Sense

To keep your motorhome or RV in tiptop shape, you really need to keep it under cover whenever you’re not out on the open road. While some RV owners try to get settle for a tarp or fabric cover, that really isn’t your best solution. It still leaves your RV exposed to wind, hail, accumulating snow, and pests, among other things. You could pay for offsite storage, but that can get expensive, with no real return on your investment. It’s also inconvenient to have to drive over to the storage facility every time you want to get to your RV.
A better, more convenient, more cost-effective solution is to install a metal RV cover right on your own property. Metal RV carports provide reliable protection from both sun and storms, can be put up quickly, are extremely durable, and are fully customizable. In addition, metal structures need practically no maintenance, and are very easy to clean. And by keeping your RV under a protective metal cover from Pacific Metal Buildings, your home-on-wheels will be ready to go whenever you are!

Use Our 3D Design Tool to Create and Customize Your Perfect Metal RV Carport

Pacific Metal Buildings is here to meet all your metal building needs in California and Oregon. Whether you need an RV cover or some other type of custom carport, garage, shed, barn, or anything else, we provide many ways to personalize your new metal building. You choose the building dimensions, roof style, steel framing and paneling gauges, colors, and whatever else you need. Want to design your own perfect steel structure? With our handy 3D Design Tool, you can. It delivers an amazing 3D rendering of your building, is simple to use, and can be used on your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone browser.
How can you customize your metal structure? Any way you want! Start by selecting your size dimensions. You can design a standard RV carport up to 24’ in width, or you can go even larger by choosing a commercial building design option. Depending on the type of building you need, you can opt for a Classic roof, Boxed Eave roof, or Vertical roof. You also decide which steel gauges you prefer for the framing and paneling, and you can choose whatever colors you like for the roof and trim. Want to enclose your RV cover and turn it into an RV garage? You can do that too, and you can place doors and windows wherever you like. You can also have your new RV building professionally engineered and certified to meet whatever wind and snow ratings are required in your local area.

What About RV Cover Sizes and Prices?

At Pacific Metal Buildings, we’ll work with you to design and engineer the best metal RV cover to meet your needs. Our standard RV carports and garages range between 12’-24’ in width, but you can go much wider with a commercial building option. You can essentially go as long and as tall as you like with your metal structure, as well. No matter what your particular needs may require, we’ve got you covered at Pacific Metal Buildings!
How much does a metal RV cover cost? At Pacific, we understand that building price matters. Our steel structures are very cost-effective, and are certainly worth the cost in terms of the reliable outdoor storage solutions they provide. Final pricing will be decided based on key factors like building dimensions, chosen roof style, and the specific set of building customizations you decide to include. Either way, a custom steel building solution from Pacifi will be well-built, and cheaper than other construction approaches by comparison. If getting the most bang for your RV cover buck is important to you, look no further than Pacific Metal Buildings in California and Oregon!

We Also Offer RV Cover Building Kit Solutions

Pacific Metal Buildings is happy to deliver and install your new metal RV cover at no additional cost, but you can also choose to go with one of our custom RV cover building kits. What does a metal building kit entail? It includes the exact same building materials you’d get with a structure that we would normally install, but by putting your building up yourself you’ll receive an additional discount on the total purchase price.
And you won’t sacrifice any quality by choosing one of our custom metal building kits, either. Our kits are manufactured to the same high standards as any of our other steel structures. The main difference is that you’ll save more by deciding to pick up your materials and installing your metal building kit yourself. Each of our custom-fabricated metal building kits comes with all the building materials you’ll need for installation, including building components that are premeasured, pre-welded, and precut for easy installation.

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Why choose Pacific Metal Buildings to provide your perfect metal RV cover or other custom steel structure in California and Oregon? For starters, you can trust our level of local expertise. Pacific is a multigenerational, family-owned business that’s headquartered right here in Maxwell, CA. We’ve been providing quality steel structures for folks in our local region since 2009, and we’d be thrilled to serve your metal building needs, as well. We deliver and install custom metal buildings all across CA and OR, and we also plan to add other nearby states to our service area in the near future.
We’re intentional about making everything as clear and simple as possible for customers like you, and we manage the entire metal building buying process, including design, purchasing, financing, materials fabrication, and final delivery & installation. You can trust that we’ll be with you every step of the way, and we guarantee complete satisfaction for our customers.
You can connect with us online, or you can get in touch even faster by simply giving us a call at 530-438-2777 right now!

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What does ordering a metal building look like? If you find yourself asking that question, you're not alone. But we're here to help! To make your journey easier, we'll walk you through the entire process from the moment you call to the day your structure is completed:

We Design Your Ideal Building
We Design Your Ideal Building
We Take Your Down Payment
We Take Your Down Payment
We Provide You with Blueprints
We Provide You with Blueprints
We Handle Manufacturing
We Handle Manufacturing
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We Deliver and Install

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