Vertical Roof Style Metal Buildings

Our most robust building style is our vertical style, which features vertical paneling on the roof, sides, ends, and a 6″ overhang. This style is excellent for efficient water run-off and is highly recommended for areas with snow loads, as the vertical roof works better for snow run-off. Its design gives this building greater strength and stability.

Pacific Metal Buildings takes pride in offering vertical roof-style metal buildings of all sizes designed specifically for California. We use high-quality components, advanced engineering, and years of industry experience to ensure reliable results in any California weather conditions.

  • Strongest building
  • Good for snow run-off
  • Durable

The Benefits of Vertical Roof-Style Metal Buildings

There’s a lot to love about our vertical-style steel buildings. They’re tough, long-lasting, and provide some of the best protection you can find.

Let’s explore some of the advantages.

1. Weather Resistance
Since vertical roofs have up-and-down paneling, debris, leaves, and snow will easily slide off, preventing long-term damage and maintaining the appearance of your structure.

2. Cost-Savings
While vertical roofs are one of our premium roofing options, their design can save you tremendously on maintenance and repair costs over time.

3. Aesthetics
Vertical roofs closely resemble roofing shingles found on many residential homes, giving them a look that blends in well with any property type.

4. Strength
You can’t beat vertical roofing in terms of overall strength. This design is sturdier than classical-style roofing and can significantly extend the overall lifespan of your structure.

The Difference Between Vertical Roof Style and Boxed Eave Style Metal Buildings

In short, there isn’t much difference between these two roofing types aside from the orientation of their paneling. Both feature a higher roof pitch than classical roof structures and overhanging awnings and gable ends. However, only vertical roofing takes the benefits of the former and pushes it to the next level.

Where horizontal roofing may naturally trap snow or debris on the roof of your metal building, vertical roofing works in the opposite direction, saving you time, money, and tons of headaches due to storm damage and repairs.

Vertical roof carports
Vertical roof metal garage
Vertical roof garages
Vertical roof steel buildings
Vertical roof metal buildings
Vertical roof metal garage
Vertical roof steel buildings
Vertical roof garages