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Need some extra storage space on your property? A metal shed structure from Pacific Metal Buildings is a solid solution that will look great in your backyard. Our metal storage sheds are tough, durable, customizable, and cost-effective. And steel sheds provide more reliable protection than that offered by other comparable construction materials.

We design and manufacture custom steel structures locally, and Pacific installs all over California and Oregon. And we include delivery and installation at no extra charge, too! Ready to learn more about our metal shed solutions? Here’s the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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What Can You Do with Metal Shed Kits?

Metal sheds are smart, multipurpose storage structures you can use in lots of helpful ways. Here are just a few:

Metal Garden Sheds

One of the most popular uses for our metal sheds in CA and OR is as a lawn and garden shed. Farmers use our commercial sheds for larger agricultural needs, but you can also take advantage of a personal storage shed to keep all the necessary items for working in your backyard garden. Keep your hoes, rakes, garden hoses, and everything else well-protected and organized in a metal garden shed.

General Storage Sheds

Got more stuff than you have space to keep it? That’s true for most of us. Many of our customers like to have their own outdoor shelter installed for storing things like seasonal decorations, sports equipment, outdoor recreation equipment, yard sale items, or other odds and ends.

Outdoor Workshops

Maybe you’re a woodworker, or like to have a covered space for working on your car. Or perhaps you have some hobbies you’d like to pursue, and just need a dedicated, protected space where you can pursue them. Either way, our steel sheds make great outdoor workspaces and hobby sheds.

Use Our 3D Design Tool to Create and Customize Your Perfect Metal Shed

Here’s another reason to partner with Pacific Metal Buildings to meet your metal building needs in California and Oregon. We give you lots of options to personalize your new metal shed, including building dimensions, roof style, steel framing and paneling gauges, colors, and more. In fact, you can even design your own perfect metal storage shed from scratch with our handy 3D Design Tool. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and fully accessible via computer, laptop, tablet, or even the internet browser on your smartphone.

Let’s talk more about customizations. How large of a steel shed are you looking for? You can design a free-standing shed up to 24’ in width, or you can go much bigger and design your own commercial metal shed. Want to go with a single-slope shed, or would you prefer a barn-style or garage-style building? Depending on the building design you choose, you can opt for a Classic roof, Boxed Eave roof, or Vertical roof. You also get to decide your preferred steel gauges for framing and paneling, and you can choose your favorite colors for the roof, sides, and trim. Want a roof-only structure, or would you prefer to enclose your building? We also have door and window options you can include. You can have your metal shed professionally engineered and certified to meet local CA or OR wind and snow ratings, too.

Preparing for Your Metal Storage Shed Installation

Once you’ve placed your metal shed order from Pacific Metal Buildings, there are a few simple things you’ll need to do in terms of site preparation.

  1. Choose an Install Site
    Where do you want to place your metal shed? Depending on any local ordinance stipulations that may apply to storage buildings, it’s pretty much up to you where your shed can go on your property.
  2. Obtain Building Permits, If Necessary
    Will you need a building permit for your metal shed? Just check with your local building authority. If any permits are required, you’ll need to obtain those before the scheduled installation.
  3. Clear Your Site of Trash and Debris
    Make sure your site is clear and easily accessible for the installation crew (or for you, if you’ve opted for a metal building kit). Trim back any overhanging foliage, too.
  4. Make Sure the Site Is Level
    Why does a shed site need to be level? This will ensure your building is evenly supported, and will help prevent any problems down the road.
  5. Foundation Preparations
    If you’re planning to install your building on a new poured pad, it will need time to cure before installation. For gravel or soil installation, just ensure the site is level.


Our metal building specialist will help you to customize your building

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Why partner with Pacific Metal Buildings to provide your steel shed or other custom steel structure in California and Oregon? To begin with, we’re a multigenerational, family-owned business headquartered right here in Maxwell, CA. We’ve been providing quality metal structures for homeowners and business owners in this region since 2009, and we’re here to serve your needs as well. We deliver and install custom metal buildings all over CA and OR, and we plan to include other states in our service area soon.

It's our goal to make everything as clear and simple for our customers as possible, and we facilitate the entire process from building design, to purchase, to materials fabrication, to final delivery and installation. We’ll be with you every step of the way, and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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