Searching for a perfect metal building to buy in Los-Angeles? Pacific Metal Buildings has them, and we offer the best metal building prices. We’re able to provide you with custom metal buildings to meet any need. We offer metal carports, metal garages, metal barns, commercial metal buildings, clear span metal buildings, and more.

Interested in metal building kits you can install yourself? We’ve got those, too. Our steel buildings are perfect for California and Oregon, and are recognized for being strong, durable, customizable, affordable, and easy-maintenance. Read on to learn more!

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Types of metal buildings Pacific offers in Los-Angeles

Different situations call for different building solutions in CA and OR. Fortunately, Pacific is able to offer lots of great metal building options to meet both your needs AND wants for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes.

  1. Boxed Eave : A Boxed Eave building features an A-frame roof, with all roof and side paneling mounted horizontally. It’s comparable to our Classical style building in terms of materials, but it also includes square corners with a six-inch overhang on both sides and ends. This style also comes with signature boxed eave trim for a really sharp, finished look. Boxed Eave buildings aren’t recommended for areas with significant snow load requirements, and there’s no roof leak warranty on units longer than 30 feet.
  2. Classical Style : The Classical Style is our most cost-effective building option. It features a traditional roof style with rounded corners, and includes horizontal sheeting for both the roof and sides (if sides are included). The Classical style has a 6" roof overhang on each end. These are great for carports, RV covers, or general outdoor covered storage. This style isn’t recommended for areas with significant snow load requirements, and there is no roof leak warranty on structures over 30 feet.
  3. Vertical Style Buildings : The Vertical Style building is our strongest design. It comes with more framing and reinforcements, including both a ridge cap and a hat channel. And the vertical orientation of the roof and side paneling means both precipitation and debris are directed away with greater ease. There’s a 6" overhang around all sides of the building, as well. If you need to meet minimum wind and snow loads in your area, the Vertical Style offers the greatest strength and stability.
  4. Country Style : What’s a Country Style building? It’s essentially a metal structure which includes one or two attached lean-tos on the side. These look and function more like a traditional barn, and Country Style barns can be designed and fabricated with either boxed eave or vertical style roofs. These are perfect for farm use, and work just as well for giving your backyard building a country-style touch. These are priced as separate-but-attached units, with the main center building and any attached lean-tos.
  5. Warehouse : At Pacific Metal Buildings, any building over 30' wide is classified as a Warehouse Style structure. Buildings in this size category only come with a vertical style roof, for the purposes of structural strength and integrity. Our Warehouse Style buildings are manufactured with top-grade 12-gauge tubing, and feature a web design system. These structures are only designed to be installed on concrete, in order to meet the required engineer drawing foundation plans.
  6. Lean-to Sheds : Our Lean-to Shed Style buildings are single slope sheds available in either a boxed eave or vertical style roof. These make great all-purpose sheds and shelters, and be installed directly adjacent to existing structures as well. Lean-tos typically require at least a 2’ drop for the purposes of precipitation shedding, and only leans over 15' wide require additional reinforcement to be included.
  7. Residential : Our Residential Style buildings combine some of the best features of our three primary building styles, all while helping to keep your building cost more affordable. These steel structures feature our strongest vertical roof, and are paneled with horizontal sheeting on the sides and ends. These buildings thus include some of the best attributes of our Boxed Eave and Classical Styles, as well. And our Residential Style buildings come at a lower price point than our all-Vertical Style units.

Strong, multipurpose metal buildings for meeting your needs in Los-Angeles

The weather in both California and Oregon is somewhat unique in comparison with the rest of the country, in that we get a little bit of everything here. Some areas are temperate rainforests, some are breezy beaches, others receive heavy snowfall, and some of the hottest deserts in the world can be found in southeastern California. When it comes to the range of weather threats in this region, only the strongest metal buildings will do. Pacific Metal Buildings is headquartered right here in Maxwell, CA, so we understand these challenges firsthand. That’s why we engineer and provide perfect metal building solutions that are best designed to handle whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

Our steel structures are built to endure the challenges of living and doing business in CA and OR. Whatever your residential or commercial building needs may entail, we’re here to deliver an ideal solution. Whether you’re looking for a reliable carport, garage, barn, storage shed, warehouse, or something else, Pacific can build to suit. We’ve been providing quality metal buildings since 2009, and we’re the leading provider serving California and Oregon.

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Use our 3D Design Tool to create your own perfect metal building

Thanks to the advent of e-commerce, the way people shop has changed significantly over the past 25 years or so. Today’s consumer prefers to start the shopping process online, for pretty much anything and everything. But how does that translate to modern metal building shopping?

What if we told you that you now have the ability to design your own custom metal building from scratch, all from the comfort of your own desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone? It’s true, and it really is that easy with our 3D Design Tool at Pacific Metal Buildings!

  • Create your own custom metal structure plan by selecting your desired building type, size, roof style, lean-tos, walls, trim, doors, windows, certification options, and more with our building component visualizer.
  • What about colors? We’ve got 19 different color choices from which to choose for the roof, walls, and trim. Want to add an attractive wainscot look? You can do it all with our color planner.
  • You can visualize your building in a full 360° 3D view, or you can also switch to 2D mode to map out your floorplan in blueprint view.
  • Once you finish creating your building design, you can save it, and we can email you the PDF with an accurate, up-to-date price quote.
  • With our 3D Design Tool, it really is that easy!

Your new metal building in Los-Angeles is completely customizable

Our name is Pacific Metal Buildings, but these aren’t just any metal buildings. You can customize your new metal building any way you like, including size, roof style, colors, doors, windows, and more. Here are just a few of the ways you can personalize your metal building.

  1. Size : What size of metal building would best meet your needs? You get to decide. Our buildings typically range between 12’ and 30’ wide, and can extend as long as 100’. You can go up to 14’ in height, too.
  2. Roof styles : No two metal buildings are necessarily alike, and you’ve got three distinct options when it comes to roof styles:
    • Classical style roof : The Classical Style is our most cost-effective roof. It features a classic rounded shape with smoother corners, and comes with horizontal roof sheeting, with a 6" roof overhang on each end. These work great for carports, RV covers, and other types of general outdoor storage shelters.
    • Boxed eave style roof : A Boxed Eave roof is built on a stronger A-frame, and also includes horizontal roof paneling. The corners are square, and there’s a 6” roof overhang on both the ends and the sides. Many customers like the Boxed Eave Style because it comes closer to resembling the look of a typical home roof.
    • Vertical style roof : The Vertical Style roof is our strongest design. It includes more framing and reinforcement features, and is also set apart by vertical roof paneling. The vertical orientation means precipitation and debris both are directed off your building more easily than with other roof styles. The Vertical Style is also the best solution for areas with significant wind and snow loads.
  3. Steel gauge options : We provide 14-gauge steel tube framing, which is a standard default across the metal building industry. We also offer a thicker 12-gauge option if you want or need something stronger for your building. In addition, we offer two different steel gauge options for roof paneling and side paneling.
  4. Colors : Barn red is a popular color for metal buildings, but we’ve got plenty of other color choices, too. We offer 19 color options in total, and you can mix and match any way you like for your roof, side paneling, and trim. You can even go with a two-tone wainscot look, if you like.
  5. Doors & windows : We offer several different options for roll-up doors and walk-in doors, and you get to decide where to place them in your building. We do framed openings and frameouts as well, and can even add windows for better natural ventilation and lighting.
  6. Building anchors : What type of foundation do you plan to use on your building site? It’s really up to you. If you want to install it on concrete or asphalt, we’ve got building anchors for that. Want to install it on gravel or plain level ground? We’ve got anchors for that, too.
  7. Certification : Does your area require metal building certification? Our professional engineering can furnish a structure to suit. We can meet any local wind or snow load requirements across California and Oregon.
  8. More ways to customize, too!


Our metal building specialist will help you to customize your building

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What’s better about a steel building in Los-Angeles

That’s a fair question, so let’s go there. What makes steel the best choice for a construction solution in CA and OR? How about this for starters:

Our steel structures are built to endure the challenges of living and doing business in CA and OR. Whatever your residential or commercial building needs may entail, we’re here to deliver an ideal solution. Whether you’re looking for a reliable carport, garage, barn, storage shed, warehouse, or something else, Pacific can build to suit. We’ve been providing quality metal buildings since 2009, and we’re the leading provider serving California and Oregon.

  1. All-weather protection – Steel structures provide superior protection from pretty much all of nature’s threats, including rain, snow, wind, hail, lightning, and even earthquakes. Show us a stick build which can match this level of performance!
  2. Multipurpose application potential – Steel buildings also offer more flexibility in design than other comparable structures. They’re also easier to adapt or expand in the future, should your needs dictate.
  3. Cost-effective – Many assume that a steel building will be more expensive than a stick build, but that isn’t the case. It can actually be more cost-effective to build with light-gauge steel, especially as your building dimensions increase.
  4. The strength & reliability of steel – Steel structures won’t rot like wood buildings, and they aren’t threatened by moisture exposure. A steel structure will stand the tests of time, weathering, and constant usage much better than a comparable wooden structure.
  5. Resistance to pests & fires – Termites and other pests are a noted threat to wood, as are mold and mildew. But that isn’t the case with a steel structure. And steel is more naturally fire-resistant too, since it’s an incombustible material.
  6. Goes up faster – It can take weeks or even months to construct a wooden building on site, but a custom-fabricated steel building can go up in a matter of days. If time is of the essence, steel buildings go up much faster.

Metal building prices in Los-Angeles

We understand that when it comes to purchasing a metal building, price matters to you in Los-Angeles. When you choose to partner with Pacific, rest assured that you'll get the best possible price, regardless of what you need in a metal building.

So, how much will your metal building cost? The answer to that question really depends upon a number of key factors, including which building dimensions (width, length, and height) you choose, the roof style, any particular customizations you decide to include, and whether or not your building needs to be certified.

The amount of side paneling you elect to include will be a factor as well. You can go with a roof-only structure, a partially-enclosed structure, or a fully-enclosed building. The gauge of steel you choose for your framing and paneling will also help to decide final pricing. Your particular installation location could play a role in the price, as well.

But no matter the particulars of your building, there’s some good news either way. Even though construction material costs have risen in all categories, a steel structure is still more cost-effective to build than a wood-framed structure. And a steel building will require less maintenance over time, as well. If you want to get the most bang for your building buck, a steel structure from Pacific Metal Buildings is a clear choice!

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Metal building kits available from Pacific in Los-Angeles

Considering a custom metal building kit that you can install yourself? Pacific Metal Buildings will have your metal building kit manufactured to the same standards you would expect with a building that we install for you. The difference? By choosing to pick up your own metal building kit and installing yourself, you’ll receive an additional discount on the purchase price. And each of our metal building kits comes with all the needed building materials for installation. Here’s what your custom metal building kit will include:

  1. Square steel tubing members and supports
  2. Metal roofing panels, in your choice of color
  3. Pre-welded components for easy assembly
  4. Side paneling options, in your choice of color
  5. All needed fastening hardware, nuts, & bolts
  6. All needed building anchors
  7. Optional customization features like roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and windows
  8. Optional trim package, in your choice of color
  9. Convenient materials pickup

Connect with Pacific Metal Buildings to order your perfect metal structure in Los-Angeles today!

Why choose to partner with Pacific Metal Buildings for your residential, agricultural, and commercial metal building needs in California and Oregon? We’re a multigenerational business headquartered in Maxwell, CA, and we’ve specialized in providing quality metal structures for our local region since 2009. We deliver and install all across CA and OR, and our plans are to grow to serve other states as well.

We strive to make everything clear and simple for our customers, all the way from design, to fabrication, to final construction and installation. We’re careful to attend to each and every detail of your purchased building in order to ensure complete client satisfaction.

There’s no need to wait any longer. You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, simply give us a call at (530) 438-2777 today!